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Home Solutions - Property management for Varna, Balchik and area

Here at "Home Solutions", our team is made of a wide variety of specialists - carpenters, plumbers, electricians, glaziers and upholsterers. In addition, we work in a close partnership with other companies specializing in gardening, renovation of buildings, pool maintenance, cable and satellite TV providing, security systems and services, and house keeping. Here are some of the property management services we provide, and the rates for them:

1. Basic property management services - including the following features (For 35 Euro a month):

- Payment of all the utility bills, as well as property and local taxes
- Key holding
- Representing the client whenever emergencies arise
- Frequenting visit the property in order to detect any existing irregularities
- airing all the rooms

2. Specific services - the price of the following services varies. We provide for you lower prices and good quality:

- preparing your house for your visit
- Airport transfer and register in local police station
- transporting services (people and goods)
- rental services
- gardening
- pool building and maintenance
- cable and satellite TV providing
- security system installation
- housekeeping services
- company Accountants to arrange each years financial accounts
- providing property insurance by Allianz - Bulgaria
- and etc...

Monthly or quarterly report regarding the current condition of your property are also available. Our specialists will examine your property regularly, and we will inform whether there might be any problems with the pipe system, the roof, the electric system, etc.

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